DigiButler (2)

assembly, test and software installation

Published in issue 5/2008 on page 26

Continuing on from the April 2008 issue, in this the second and final part of the article we go about assembling the kit and connecting up the hardware and software to get DigiButler active on the web and in control of an electrical appliance in your home or office.

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Revised for PCB marked: 00286_2, June-10-2008

Shipping as of 22 August 2008


1. Components pre-fitted on board


R3 = 12kΩ, SMD 0805

R4 = 390Ω, SMD 0805

R5 = 10MΩ, SMD 0805

R6,R7,R8,R9 = 51Ω, SMD 1206



C2,C3,C4,C12,C13,C14 = 220nF ceramic, SMD 0805

C9,C10,C11 = 100nF ceramic, SMD 0805

C17 = 220nF ceramic, SMD 1206

C5,C6 = 22pF ceramic, SMD 0805

C7 = 1nF ceramic, SMD 0805

C8 = 100nF ceramic, SMD 1206

C16 = 10nF ceramic, SMD 1206



FB1,FB2 = BLM31PG601SN1 ferrite bead, SMD 1206



U1 = MCF52231CAF6 (Freescale)


2. Components to fit on board


R1 = 22Ω SFR16S

R2,R17,R18 = 10kΩ SFR16s

R15 = 470Ω

R10-R13 = 75Ω SFR16S

R14 = 270Ω

R16 = 1kΩ SFR16S

RN1 = 7-way 4kΩ7 SIL

RN2 = 5-way 10kΩ SIL

RN3 = 7-way 10kΩ SIL



C1,C23,C24,C26,C19,C27-C30 = 100nF ceramic, lead pitch 5mm

C15,C20,C21 = 4μF7, solid, SMD1206

C18 = 2nF2 1000V ceramic (TDK)

C22 = 330μF 16V, electrolytic, radial

C25 = 220μF 6.3V, electrolytic, radial



D1 = 1N4004

D2 = LED, 3mm, green

D3 = 1N4148

D4 = LED, yellow, 3mm

Q1 = BC546B

U2 = LD29080DT33R (STMicro)

U3 = MAX3232ECPE



F1 = 0.5A slow, 5x20mm

J1 = 26-way double-row pinheader

J2 = RJ45 socket, PCB mount

J3 = DC adaptor socket, PCB mount

J7 = 10-way double-row pinheader

J6 = 8-way double-row pinheader

J5 = 9-way sub-D socket (female), angled pins, PCB

J14 = 2-way terminal block, 5mm lead pitch

JP1 = 3-way pinheader with jumper

JP2 = 2-way pinheader with jumper

RE1 = G6D-1A-ASI-DC5 (Omron)

S1,S2 = pushbutton, EVQ-PAE05R Panasonic)

T1 = H1102 Ethernet transformer (Pulse)

Y1 = 25MHz quartz crystal

Fuse holder, PCB mount

Kit of parts, Elektor Shop # 071102-71, contains CD-ROM 071102-81, all parts and SMD-prestuffed circuit board 071102-1

PCB, Elektor Shop # 071102-1, available separately.

PCB for  TBLCF,  Elektor Shop # 071102-2 (optional, see text)