TTL Bluetooth Dongle

Wireless data comms made easy

Published in issue 2/2010 on page 70

Need to connect your circuit to a PC to transfer measurement values or data? How about wirelessly? If you think that would be way too complex, think again. The solution offered here is a Bluetooth device which from your circuit’s point of view looks just like a UART with a PC (or other device) attached to the other end. It’s as simple as plugging in a USB to TTL cable but without the wires!

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Resistors (all 0805)
R1,R2 = 330Ohm (1%)
R3..R5 = 1kOhm (1%)
Capacitors (all 0805):
C1–C5 = 100nF
C6..C8 = 2µF2
C9,C10 = 22pF
D1 = LED, blue, SMD
D2 = LED, red, SMD
IC1 = LMS8117-AMP3.3
IC2 = LMX9838SB
X1 = 32.768kHz quartz crystal (CL = 6pF, 20ppm)
K1 = 6-pin SAL pinheader, 2.54mm pitch, right angled